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Apr 25, 2023
    • Develop an international marketing plan, for an existing small or medium-sized enterprise of your choice, that would enable it to exploit a market opportunity in a foreign country in which the company is not currently operating.

      You need to provide a convincing rationale for your international marketing plan. Key arguments must be underpinned by relevant theories for all aspects of your decisions concerning the choice of country, entry mode selection, and international marketing strategy. You also need to provide evidence that your company is an SME.

      Your international marketing plan should include:

      1. A description of your chosen company, including its services/products, and internationalization stage.
      2. A foreign market opportunity assessment, including a detailed competitive and environmental analysis. You must then choose one foreign country for the company to enter/operate in and justify your choice. As stated above, the company must not be currently operating in the chosen foreign country.
      3. A CAGE Distance Framework analysis including recommendations of strategies to accommodate differences/similarities between the foreign country and the home country.
      4. Consideration of a particular aspect of the chosen country is likely to present the greatest contextual challenge the company will have to deal with.
      5. The most appropriate market entry mode for the SME in the chosen country.
      6. The most appropriate marketing strategy.
      7. Ethical considerations regarding the SME’s market entry and planned operations in your country of choice.

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