Develop and evaluate a basic marketing plan.

You are applying for a position as a Junior Marketing Manager at an organisation of your choice. A part of the recruitment process involves you producing a report on the role of marketing. To prepare for the interview you are required to critically analyse andevaluate the key elementsof the marketing function including the roles and responsibilities of marketing in the context of the marketing environment.

After having been selected by the organisation as the new Junior Marketing Manager and firmly been in the saddle for a while , you have been tasked with higher responsibilities .It is time for you to be assessed by your Line Manager for confirmation after your probation. Your confirmation would depend upon successful execution of the tasks .Carry out the following tasks :


Critically analyse and evaluate the key elements of the marketing function and their inter-relation with other functional units. Your critical analysis and evaluation will build upon your explanation of the key roles and responsibilities of the marketing function

Evaluate different tactics applied by organisations to demonstrate how business objectives can be achieved using the Marketing Mix (7Ps ) . Your evaluation will build upon a comparison of how organisations apply the marketing mix to marketing planning in achieving their objectives.

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