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Jun 01, 2023
Develop slides from Chapter 5 “Cross-Cultural Communication” on pages 153-185 in our text Management Across Cultures and then video-record your presentation.


Develop 10-15 slides based on chapter 5 “Cross-Cultural Communication”. Your audience will be your colleagues in this class. You can use PowerPoint or any other slide software that allows you to save the slides and upload them. If you’re not using PowerPoint, then try to save your slides in PDF format for uploading.

The slides should serve as prompts or notes for the class and the presenter. Students should not simply read aloud the material on the slides word for word for the presentation. Instead, presenters should explain and add to the information contained on the slides. The slides should not contain paragraphs, in most cases. Rather, they should contain, usually, bullet points with short sentences, words, or phrases. It is always helpful and valuable to include some graphics throughout the slide presentation, such as charts, graphs, photos, diagrams, etc.

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