Developing A Community Of Practice For Volunteers In A Sport Setting. Evolution Of Sport-Specific Sports Development In Basketball: Sport Development Essay, TUS, Ireland

Theme 1: Developing a Community of Practice for Volunteers in a sport setting
Theme 2: Evolution of Sport-Specific Sports Development in Basketball
Theme 3: Creating a Multi-Purpose Community Facility, the way forward?

Assessment Criteria

  • Content: The inclusion of detailed information relating to the theme and how it links with the theory delivered in the Sports Development module.
  • Use of supporting evidence: selection and integration of relevant information from a variety of sources 5
  • Critical thinking: identifying and reflecting on links between various aspects of the webinar, your specific theme, and related research and publications.
  • Writing skills: accuracy and coherence.
  • Individual research: independent reading, correct referencing, and correct format for the inclusion of citations. Referencing and citations: the use of relevant sources

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