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May 22, 2023

Assignment # 1 Phonological Awareness/Phonics Activities & Literacy Center (Small Group)

Description: You will create a file of activities that will help develop children’s phonological awareness, facilitates the mastery of beginning phonics skills, and enhances oral language development.

PART A Phonological Awareness (RDG 1.C.2; 1.C.4; 1.C.5; 1. C.6; 2.C.1-2. C.5)
1. Develop a game or activity for each of the sub-skills under the “umbrella” of Phonological Awareness (word awareness, rhyming, alliteration, syllable awareness, onset-rime awareness, and phonemic awareness) for a total of six games or activities. Please use the following format to create your game or activity:
a. Title
b. Grade level
c. Standards
d. Description of sub-skill addressed in the game or activity
e. Description of game or activity (make sure that you describe with enough detail that the reader can replicate the game or activity) (RDG 2.C.1-2)
f. Mini-Assessment for each (RDG 2.C.5)
g. ELL Strategies Used

Below is a template of what is needed for the acitivities.

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