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Apr 27, 2023
Ethics in Criminal Justice Technology
Each advance in technology brings with it moral questions about its application in the modern world. The ability of police and other agencies to monitor what were once private conversations and communications raises serious ethical questions about the right to privacy and the government’s “need to know.” Information Technology and Moral ValuesLinks to an external site. explores the relationship between morality and modern technologies (Sullins, 2012). In this discussion, provide the framework for an ethical policy that protects privacy while ensuring security. What are the most important protections from the Bill of Rights to be afforded to modern technological communications?


Guided Response: Whenever examining technology issues in criminal justice, always consider how to improve the system. When there are technological advances, security concerns are often paramount. How much of a role can/should the government play in new technology, and ethically, what are the rights of people to privacy when choosing new technology?


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