discuss a real-life situation of helping behavior.

1. Begin by posting a link to an “event” where a person is in need. This might be a crime, a
situation where someone is being bullied, or a situation where someone is experiencing an
emergency, as in the Kitty Genovese case. This link should be to an article or video clip that
clearly describes the facts surrounding the event. Next, write a one paragraph summary of the

2. Darley and Latane’s model suggests that we will help others only when we have completed the following steps:

-Noticing the event or “emergency”

-Interpreting the situation as an “emergency” (a situation where immediate action or assistance is necessary).
-Taking responsibility to help You also learned about how the attributions we make for people’s behavior can absolutely influence these steps in the model (e.g., if we see someone in scruffy clothing laying on the sidewalk we might assume that’s “ordinary” because it is a homeless person, but if we see someone in an expensive suit laying on the sidewalk we might assume that’s “out of the ordinary” and that the person must have passed out or experienced a medical emergency.

Furthermore if we are in public and other people continuously walk past this person laying on the sidewalk this affects our interpretation of the event as well. In our heads we say “well if others didn’t stop surely this isn’t really an emergency”.

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