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May 13, 2023


System thinking is conceptualised as the holistic approach that mainly concentrates on the constituent part of the interrelated system. Deforestation is a human act of removing or clearing a larger area of ecosystem and forest lands for using it for non-forest purposes (Pavlacky Jr, Possingham and Goldizen 2015). The concept of deforestation has been into practice from decades and it has created the considerable impacts on misbalancing the ecosystem. The essay aims to identify the system thinking approach based on the specific wicked problem of deforestation in Australia. It is noticeable that system thinking is a critical component in terms of developing solutions to the considerable challenges faced in the sustainability context. The essay would thus discuss the characteristics of deforestation, which is the major issue considered in this study. The 6 steps Iceberg Model of system thinking would be discussed in this essay to identify the potential challenges faced in the sustainability parameter. Furthermore, the study would develop understanding regarding the 3 pillars of sustainability, such as ecosystem, society, and environment. The clear elaboration of these aspects would be presented in this study.

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