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May 10, 2023

Students are advised to pay attention to the enrichment exercise requirements. In order to complete this requirement, students must review a live presentation or performance. This rule has been modified to include only live-stream and/or recently recorded (i.e., within the past three years) performances.
These presentations, exhibits, or performances may include but are not limited to music, poetry, theatre, and art exhibitions. They may also include lectures by recognized scholars pertaining to the aforementioned categories. No Television Productions or Movies are permitted; however, television or DVD presentations of classic works such as August Wilson’s The Piano Lesson, Fences, or Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom are permissible.
The enrichments are considered an invaluable means of exposing students to actual experiences with African American art forms and are an absolute requirement for this course. The paper should be in the form of a review that provides the student’s response to the enrichment event (i.e., mention of likes, dislikes, strengths, perceived deficiencies, as well as your reasons for said impressions). It is not to be a mere synopsis of the event. The general format for the reviews should be in the form of a newspaper-styled review or a critical essay. You must also state when and where the activity took place-this is a must!
Must not exceed 4 pages of text. If you should include illustrations, make sure that the body of the text is not short-changed, and that it conforms to the prescribed length. Please use the University of Chicago Manual of Style guide. These papers constitute a partial requirement for Blacks in the Arts.
It is mandatory to designate a title page that will include the student’s name, the course name, the class section, and the title, so as not to interfere with the required length of content per page within the body of the paper. If this is not done, a lowered grade may be received due to length deficiency.

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