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May 11, 2023

Please check my week2 and week4 paper first, please feel free to change it if you need to, but ”Boy Scouts of America non-profit organization” is not allowed to change. Especially the week4 paper I got a low score (four ratios)


You are being contracted as a financial consultant for a local non-profit agency. Your goal is to review the organizations financial statements and analyze their financial position from those statements. Using the tools and theories from this course, you will provide the organization with a sustainability plan for the next two years on ways that they may increase profits. Consider their debt management using ratios learned in the course, to give at least two areas of opportunity you see that could increase their profits.

Your final project should incorporate the work you did in week two and week four. Your paper should always begin with a brief introduction of your chosen not for profit organization, then include the four ratios and their interpretations. You should recommend sustainability plan for your chosen organization for the next two years on ways that they may increase profits.

You can embed tables constructed using Excel. Your paper should have a cover page with your full name, your instructor’s name, and Project Title. The second page should have a brief abstract. Third page should start with Introduction, then main discussion body. You should end your paper with a conclusion or summary. The last page of your paper should be a reference section page where you list peer-reviewed journal articles as references using proper APA styl

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