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May 30, 2023
Individual assessment (individual report)


The individual assignment – to be submitted as two reports – is comprised of two parts: A and B.

Part A is the simulation evaluation. This focuses on evaluating your company in the simulation.

Part B is the professional development reflection. This focuses on evaluating your individual performance in working with other students in your team in the simulation.

Individual assignment (100% weighting in total based on 50% + 50%) comprised of parts A and B as per the assessment guide.
Total world count: 6000 (3000 + 3000 for parts A and B, respectively)

Specific theories
• Countries culture dynamics based on Hofstede cultural dimensions
• Ansoff’s strategy growth choices
• Competitive strategy – Porter’s Five Forces
• Long-term goals – finance (highest annual profit, overall reserve, annual sales, global annual turnover, turnover in/outside Europe).

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