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May 12, 2023
CLASS: HSE-220-860B 2023 SP
Forsyth Tech. Community College
Winston Salem NC
Final reflection Paper
Include a cover page
Use APA style (Times New Roman, 12 pt font, and double-spaced).
Save document as DOC or PDF file and upload here.
What to write about
In this reflection, I want you to write how you feel about the case management role.
Discuss each of the skills and steps reviewed in this course: getting organized, intake, assessment, writing goals, and documentation.
Which task is a challenge for you? Which task is a strength for you? Which task do you want to work on more?
This is your opportunity to reflect on case management skills you have learned in this course.
Length of Paper
3-4 pages (doubled spced, 1 inch margins, 12 pt font)
Note about using other Sources
No citations or references are required. However, if you refer to another author’s work or quote another authors, you need to follow APA guidelines and give credit to the source. This menas you need to include an in-text citation and a reference list.
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