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Jun 05, 2023
Discuss financing and reimbursement approaches in the
US healthcare compared to single payer system.
In broad terms, in the US healthcare system financing
includes the concepts of financing, insurance, and payment. Financing enables
people to obtain health insurance, and the payment function determines
reimbursement and undertakes the actual payment for services received by the
For this discussion, use the information in the
textbook and in your learning resources to assess the effect of different
financing and reimbursement methods and reflect on the following questions:
How do
different types of insurance plan (public, private, HMO, etc.) determine access
to healthcare?
Consider how
different reimbursement methods (fee-for-service, bundled payments, capitation,
etc.) may influence provisions of care offered by healthcare providers and the
goal of patient-centered care.
Consider how
these different methods (different insurance plans/lack of insurance) affects
the consumer?

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