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May 15, 2023
Contemporary audiences of Sophocles’ Antigone tend to view the character Antigone as a heroine, but is this how Sophocles’ Athenian audience would have seen her? Discuss how a 5th century Greek audience might have viewed the character of Antigone and her actions and how it might have differed from a contemporary view. To answer this, you might look into areas such as the place of women in Athenian society, attitudes to death and burial, and duties within the family.


Instructors requirements:
– Sources: You must use at least 3 scholarly sources (not including the primary text) in your paper. The sources must be synthesized and cited both in the body of your essay and on the works cited page
*Note: my professor requires the sources (at least 3) gotta come from my college library databases and textbook, obviously(only from “The Norton Introduction to Literature” 13th edition is accepted). The problem is, I am struggling to find sources that are appropriate for this prompt so I will upload a couple below, if you need some other sources (after we both agree to work together), I can share my screen so you can pick which one you think you need for the job.
*total scholarly sources required: 3 from the school library, and the textbook chapters(13th edition) – I don’t have that one online, if you can search for it online or whatever, as long as it’s the 13th edition, I’m okay with it(never try that before). The source is the tricky part, so when you write this research paper, please use most of the part from the book, to minimize issues from the sources I find in the school library. (The Antigone article 1 and 2 are the ones I think would be the best for this research paper, you can take a look at it and lemme know what you think)

– Formatting
Your paper must be formatted in MLA style and include citations for all quotations.

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