Discuss impact of the high risk pregnancy.

Outcome: Discuss impact of the high risk pregnancy or the critically ill infant or child on family dynamics in relation to psychosocial, emotional, physical, and financial components.

Assessment: Interview a family (may interview the mother or father or both) who has had the experience of a s high-risk pregnancy (bed rest, PTL, preeclampsia, etc), an NICU infant, or a chronically ill or critically ill child. You will no doubt in your life or nursing experience know someone who has had such a situation – maybe in your own extended family (please do not utilize you own immediate family experience).

Grading Rubric:

Write a paragraph telling the type of medically high risk maternal, infant or child situation the family experienced/experiences. Reference information on this situation from your text. (5 points)

You may meet with the family in person or over the phone, (not via email) and ask the following questions regarding their experience:

Psychosocial – How did this situation affect your family (relationships with others, marriage)? (5 points)

Emotional – How did this affect you as in individual (anxiety, depression, etc) (5 points)

Physical – How did this affect you physically (sleep loss, anxiety, weight loss or gain, etc) (5 points)

Financial – How did this situation affect your financial status (long term bills, bankruptcy, taking on additional work, having to quit work, etc) (5 points)

Sum up your interview and give insight as to how this information surprised you, impacted you, and will give you insight into care of such a family in the future. Reference your text or other appropriate source about the consequences of the situation on the family unit. (5 points)

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