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Jun 02, 2023
Each essay should be up to a page. There is no minimum or maximum required. I recommend a minimum of half page. As long as you follow APA format and use the assignment grading rubric, it will be fine.


The following essay questions are below:

Question 47
Discuss the
arguments for and against social responsibility on the part of organizations.
Question 48
What is
organizational culture? Discuss the importance, determinants, and management of
organization culture.
Question 49
Name and define
the three intrapreneurial roles in large organizations.
Question 50
Describe each of
Porter’s three generic business-level strategies.
Question 51
recruiting. Discuss internal and external recruiting.
Question 51
Describe the job
characteristics approach to job design.

I have provided clips of Cengage Mindtap. Please properly cite them, and don’t copy and paste word for word from the text. Thank you so much.

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