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May 15, 2023

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Understanding Experiments in Cognition


Sophia Cestaro

University of Arizona Global Campus

PSY352: Cognitive Psychology

Instructor Corey Pruitt

April 24, 2023

Topic i chose is Alzheimer’s Disease.

Go to the University of Arizona Global Campus Library or Google Scholar and select a peer-reviewed article on a topic of interest among those discussed in our class. If you prefer, you may select an article from the recommended resources.
Describe the main research questions that the study attempts to answer. Keep in mind that a description of the main question of the study entails an explanation of the importance of the question (i.e., illustrates the gap in the existing literature).
State the main hypothesis (prediction) made by the researchers.
Identify the key variables.
Describe the critical characteristics of both the participants and the procedures used.
Summarize the main findings. How do these findings answer the question that the researchers formulated in the introductory section of the article?
Explain the extent to which the findings answer the research question. Do the findings support their research question (or prediction)?
Illustrate the weaknesses and strengths of the selected study. For instance, ask yourself questions such as the following:
Is the technique used to understand the selected phenomenon able to gather adequate information about it?
How does this technique compare to other techniques used in cognitive psychology?
Do the findings of the selected study generalize to individuals who may be different from those who participated (young versus older adults)?

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