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May 15, 2023

Task Decription-
Over the last several years, the term resilience has entered the aviation industry’s
lexicon in a dominant way. It has become a necessity to improve resilience for people
who work in the aviation industry where the work environment is fast-changing and
high-risk so that they are well-prepared with an adequate response to encounter any
unexpected event.
This assignment aims to further develop your understanding of contemporary issues
relating to resilience in order to better prepare you as aviation professionals and
strengthen your resilience knowledge to the challenging dynamic work environment in
the future.


Task Details-

“Resilience” is the useful ability to recover quickly from disruptions in functioning that
result from stressful situations and redirecting potential threats into positive outcomes
or even thriving from those adverse events. Resilient people tend to demonstrate a
greater capacity to quickly regain equilibrium physiologically and psychologically. When
this concept approaches the aviation industry, an organisation with more resilient
people appears to increase their level of safety, which in turn improves their economic
efficiency, and thus, leads to the organisation’s sustainability in a long term.
Your company acknowledged the importance of the improvement of resilience
capability and tasked you to identify the resilience factors that help to strengthen
resilience for employees in your organisation. You remember that when you took the
Contemporary Issues in Aviation course, there were five factors could help to promote
an individual’s resilience. These factors include (1) positive emotion, (2)
conscientiousness personality trait, (3) cognitive flexibility, (4) Hardiness, and (5) active
coping strategies.
You decide to choose “two factors” and conduct an in-depth literature review to
provide the evidence to your company that these two factors are the most suitable
elements that help to improve employees’ resilience. You also provide critical analysis
of how or why these two resilience factors can help to increase the company’s level of
safety, economic efficiency, and long-term sustainability. The company will use your
report as a basis to develop a resilience intervention program for employees in the
Report format/layout (include the following sections as outlined within the marking
rubric. Start each section on a new page as per a formal report):
• Title Page
• Executive Summary
• Table of Contents
– List of Tables or List of Figures
• Introduction
• Main Body
• Conclusion
• Reference – APA 7
• Times New Roman or Arial 12 font
• Line and Paragraph Spacing 2.5cm margins

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