Discuss self-awareness before the 3 attributes (200 words approximately), then each attribute separately.

This assignment is designed to demonstrate that you have met Learning Outcome LO – Demonstrate self-awareness through reflection upon own personal core values, key skills, attitudes and assumptions Title: Individual Essay for Personalising Nursing Care This includes your own contribution to seminars and the poster development Word Count – 1000 words (+/- 10%),

Academic Level 4 Writing Introduction: Within the introduction, please introduce the reader to the four areas that you will be covering within the main body of the assignment For example

– self-awareness and three personal attributes Tell the reader, what Self Awareness is and how it impacts Nursing. Nothing more

– do not start discussing your research and or evidence within the introduction This is often written last to ensure that everything that you have discussed within the main body of work is mentioned here 100 words approximately. Main Body: Within this part of the assignment, please reflect upon your self-awareness and the three personal attributes that you have chosen to discuss Discuss self-awareness before the 3 attributes (200 words approximately), then each attribute separately.

Examples of personal attributes may include: ambitious, committed, courageous, disciplined, experienced, imaginative, keen, methodical, persuasive, productive, reliable, reserved, sensitive, strong, tactful, talkative, open to new ideas, understanding, well-organised, systematic etc Please reflect upon each attribute separately (200 words each) You may find it focuses your thinking and therefore your writing if you follow the following template: Use a sub-heading for each separate attribute: Committed What was this attribute like before you started the Personalizing Nursing Care module? Discuss how these have changed/developed during the module. Has it changed? If so how and why? If not discuss why? How will you continue to develop/maintain this attribute in the future. Approximately 200 words for each attribute. Therefore self-awareness and your three attributes should total approximately 800 words Key points that you have reflected upon must be supported by citations & references as per APA Version 7 Please avoid using direct quotes Must include a reference list at the end Reference List – not a Bibliography, and a minimum of 5 references should be used for the essay (Nursing and Midwifery Council Code The Code, and 4 more) Conclusion: Within this section, summarise the main points that you have discussed within the main body of the assignment Do not include any new information within the conclusion 100 words approximately


Use peer-reviewed materials (Books, Journals, Articles) Avoid public accessible materials use NHS, NHS England, Department of Health, Nursing Midwifery Council, Library, etc. Should be written in the First-person (I)

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