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May 25, 2023

As you pursue your bachelor’s degree in Human Services, you may contemplate the array of internship experiences and career pathways available to you upon graduation. This assignment prompts you to delve deeper into the realm of the child protection system, allowing you to explore potential volunteer, internship, and employment avenues that align with your interests.

To embark on this exploration, commence by reading Chapters 5 and 6 in your Child Welfare and Child Protection text. Subsequently, delve into the peer-reviewed journal article “Children’s consent to child welfare services: Some explorative remarks,” and peruse the following websites:

Florida Department of Children and Families

Florida Department of Children and Families: Employment Opportunities

Statewide Guardian Ad Litem Office


Your paper will address the following topics and questions:

If you were a child protection professional or child advocate, elucidate some of your primary roles and responsibilities. Outline the components integral to casework and Family Case Planning.

Reflect on the aspects of the job that resonate with you the most and those that you might find challenging.

Consider an international perspective on child protection, emphasizing the implications of adopting a relational approach to children’s consent (as explored in the peer-reviewed journal article).

Discuss significant judicial responses and legal outcomes within the child protection system, elucidating their impact on the roles, responsibilities, and permanency options of child protection professionals.

Explore the services and potential volunteer and employment opportunities in child advocacy and child protection spotlighted on the aforementioned websites.

Describe the functions of each agency and their role in child protection and advocacy.

Identify potential positions or opportunities that appeal to you for future application.

Highlight the key qualifications required for these positions and outline steps to acquire the necessary qualifications and experience.

Reflect on the aspects of these positions that resonate with you and explain why they stand out.

Your paper should encompass approximately four or more double-spaced pages, with an additional page allocated for references.

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