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May 03, 2023
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Slavery and Other Challenging California Indian History.pptx
You will be viewing this in Notes for the lecture. This PPT may be too large to view in your browser; here is the pdf.
Notes and slides: Slavery and Other Challenging California Indian Historynotes.pdf
If you need to view the slides closer here is a pdf of just the slides.
Slavery and Other Challenging California Indian History.pd
You will view this PowerPoint and also read the article below and answer the 6 questions below
1) What are the Legacies for California Indians; list briefly.
2) Why was the Story of Aah-Maa written? How did it help younger people?
3) What did the Law of 1850 include? The 1860 amendment?
4) What evidence is presented for slavery and genocide for California Indians?
5) What two big events presented affected Barona Reservation? How did each show sovereignty (the right to self-govern?)
One More Challenge: Census Woes Again:
This article discusses how American Indians are misidentified in the Census. That means a number of things but directly affects how resources are allocated for them as a group through racial, ethnic and political lenses.
6. How does this identification category of Native American interact with Latino/ Hispanic American?


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