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May 11, 2023

No essay format needed!!!! Just need to answer the two questions at the bottom of the post, just label each answered question 1 and 2. The only information that needs to be provided and cited is from the post, slide show and the textbook chapter reading.


Textbook(must have access): Mingst, Karen A.; Heather Elko McKibben; Ivan M. Arreguín-Toft. 2019. Essentials of International Relations, 8th edition (New York: Norton). Referred to as “the text”
Chapter 11 Hardin, Hudson & Matfess

The topic this week is, population growth and efforts to stem fertility rates and populations across the world as a way to mitigate environmental issues. I will show you how population dilemmas aren’t simply a matter of high numbers, but a matter of distribution, wealth discrepancies, and issues of international justice. High population rates don’t cause famines and deprivation on their own here. We will delve into different approaches to population control and firmly outline how gender equality and general development efforts are the most effective ways to bring down fertility rates everywhere. I will show you two sources of data on population growth and fertility rates. We will end with an overview of our theoretical debates on the environment and population.

Referenced supporting evidence from course readings/videos in a post – at least two readings, theorists, or lecture concepts used in each post (20 points)

Provided new insight, included personal experience, and did not reiterate ideas from classmates in a post (10 point per post; maximum of 20 points if more responses)

Post is substantial and at least 5 sentences long in paragraph format (20 points)

Post has no glaring grammatical or spelling errors and is easy to read (minus 10 points if not fulfilled)

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