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May 15, 2023
I have attached some information you can use from the assigned book. You have to use another academic reference as well. Pictures are in order 3417-3427. 3428 is the book cover for the reference page.



Create a Leadership PowerPoint Presentation explaining the competencies necessary
to be a successful healthcare leader. The following information should be included in
your PowerPoint:
1. Explain how leaders need to adjust their perspectives to be effective in today’s
healthcare setting.
2. Discuss the concepts of Cultural Competency and how to create a teamwork
3. Discuss and compare the following healthcare leadership styles: Strategic
Leadership, Collaborative Leadership, Transformational Leadership, and Person-and
-Family-Centered Leadership.
4. Discuss the role of leadership in Outreach and the future role of healthcare leaders
in Global Health.

Note- Minimum of 10 slides (no more than 15 slides) not including the cover page and reference page(s). Please include footnotes on every slide except cover slide and reference slide. This can be done utilizing PowerPoint for Windows and Mac. This assignment needs to be in APA format with a minimum of two academic references, one of which
needs to be the assigned textbook.

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