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May 02, 2023


Answer any 5 of the following questions. You total page count must be at least 3 pages (this means three complete pages). All answers MUST be in your own words.1.5 Spacing.
1) Discuss the difference between knowledge retention and knowledge transfer.
2) What is the spacing effect? Summary any 1 experiment that showed evidence for this effect.
3) How would you use the spacing effect to improve your studying/learning habits?
4) Using what you learned about memory networks, why is retrieval practice beneficial?
5) List 3 ways you can practice retrieval. Then explain which of these ways will be the most effective and why.
6) How can you use the ideas in metacognitive to improve your studying/learning habits?
7) Explain the difference between the direct and indirect benefits of retrieval practice.
Students can answer more than 5 questions if necessary.

Grade will be based on length of assignment (it MUST be 3 pages to be considered for grading) and quality of answers. Answering more questions at lower quality will result in a lower grade than answer fewer questions at higher quality.

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