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May 12, 2023
* An introduction that briefly introduces the larger topic and the sub-topic the paper will focus on
* A thesis which clearly makes a claim about the sub-topic along with the main reasons it is an issue
* Explanation of, and evidence that supports, the assertions made in the thesis statement and in each topic sentence
* Evidence from at least seven quality sources, cited in MLA style
* This paper cannot earn a passing grade without the Works Cited page.
* At least one of our readings from the semester must be used as a source.
* A clear acknowledgement of at least one counter-argument and a solid, logical refute
* The counter and refute cannot be included in the conclusion. They must be explained in one or two body paragraphs.
* A conclusion that summarizes the major points discussed in the body paragraphs and a restatement of the thesis.
* The grammar and punctuation must be clear and understandable; any surface errors that undermine meaning will impact the final grade.


Keep in mind that the FINAL DRAFT of the essay will need:

* several clear and concrete supporting-points.
* a variety of credible sources for evidence.
to keep yourself out of the text; do not offer your personal opinion or experience using “I” or “me” or “my.” **
* avoid speaking directly to the reader (avoid using “you”). **
* to give the essay an interesting title.
* A draft of this must be taken to the lab for feedback. This must be done at least one week before the final due date.

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