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Apr 25, 2023 The essay should explain the reasons why listed firms should report and disclose to stakeholders (investors, creditors, the board of directors, etc.) information about their operations, how information is used by economic players in their respective decisions, and the channels for transmitting information. The essay should also discuss the difficulties / obstacles that exist in corporate communication and in information processing by outside users. The essay should reflect, in a comprehensive way, what you have learned from the course. However, it should not simply be a summary of the course materials from the various topics; rather, you should use a common theme to connect the issues you discuss, and make effort to tie your discussion to the course contents. While it’s ok to quote some points from the lecture notes or other sources (with proper references), you should not copy materials extensively from the notes or any other source. The essay should be clearly organized with an introduction and a conclusion, as well as the analysis around the theme. You are strongly encouraged to relate your analysis to real-lifecompanies and events.
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