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Apr 28, 2023

In this argumentative essay, you will deploy your own argumentative position. Naturally then, your essay should feature a clear thesis, and provide ample supporting evidence that is clearly connected to your thesis. Be careful to draw a reasonable balance between your argument and the research you will be relying on. While I expect you to utilize research to support your argument, it should be your argument. I also expect your essay to be drawn from your bibliography topic (unless you have received permission to change your topic). Other Expectations: • The essay must be at least 1200 words in length (do not count the Works Cited page or the assignment block) • The essay should anticipate and address at least one objection to your argument. • Use MLA format and adhere to all other format guidelines we have discussed this semester (margins, page #s, assignment block, documentation, etc.) • The essay must include a Works Cited page with at least six sources. At least four of these sources must be scholarly in nature (journals articles, books by scholars or professionals, etc.) PLEASE USE THESE SOURCES



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