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Apr 27, 2023
Write a roughly 4 page paper double- spaced that explains the physics behind a phenomenon or technology that is of interest in the medical field. including pictures/figures is encouraged.


(be careful of copy and pasting to avoid plagiarism)

Some examples of topics to choose are MRI’s, ultrasounds, details about the various fulcrums/levers in human anatomy (like the bicep muscle), x-rays, various fluid mechanics/dynamics in the vascular system, the optics relevant in how an eye works . You are not limited to choose from these topics, and may run your chosen topic by me beforehand if you have any concerns.

Some things you may consider including in your paper are (you don’t need to include all of these, the below is just to serve has a springboard to launch you in the right direction but I’ve bolded the msot improtant ones)

any pertinent history – who invented this technology? how was the phenomenon discovered?)
For what purpose is it used in medicine?
Explain the relevant physics concepts. What is the basic concept?
Include any equations or values that seem applicable
How specifically are these concepts applied to your chosen topic
Is there a quick and simple way you might explain this to a patient?


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