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May 19, 2023
Final project: guidelines and grading rubric The final project consists of two interlinked assignments:
PART A: the Director’s Cut (no fixed length, approx. one revised/ rewritten scene/ act, whatever is needed to demonstrate your vision) of a play we have read in class
PART B: and a Director’s Note (7-8 pages); citing at least 3 secondary sources (you can use the ones we read and discussed in class, and/ or use sources you have found)
For PART A, prepare a director’s edition of the chosen play (may be any selected portion) incorporating notes to actors playing each role, detailing design of the set, lighting, explaining reason for choosing particular translation, potential casting decisions, venue, etc. The task is to imagine yourself as the director, and present your vision of how you would produce the play. You may choose to highlight, revise, rewrite, or change a character, theme, speech etc. You have complete creative freedom in interpreting the play. This is the creative part of the assignment


My vision- the original unedited play is Death and The King’s Horseman
Original play : Death And The Kings Horseman by Wole Soyinka
Part A assignment :
Change of Theme- As Death And The King’s Horseman emphasizes the theme of colonization, I intend to re-create this theme through the occupation of Palestine and current events. Death And The King’s Horseman discusses a tribe that believed a king’s horseman must commit spiritual suicide to accompany the king into the afterlife. As the colonizers were unable to comprehend the possibility of such an event occurring, this tribe’s customs and beliefs were put in danger. Ultimately, this causes a conflict of interest. In a similar fashion, I would like to describe the Palestinians endeavoring to complete the holy ritual/prayer of Laylat al Qadr in Al Quds. In doing so, they will encounter resistance from the Israeli military.
Muhammad : Sheikh leading Laylat al Qadr prayer ; intends on completing ritual prayer in Al- Aqsa mosque. Muhammad has been on the Israeli forces radar for years and has been charged with multiple accounts of disregarding rules implemented post colonization ; leading to frustration within the Israeli army when discovering he intended to lead prayer and complete the ritual of laylat al qadr
John : Leader of the Israeli army
Scenery- Old city; Old City Walls and Gates: The iconic stone walls that enclose the Old City would be a prominent feature of the set. I would pay attention to intricate details, such as the texture and color of the stone, to accurately depict their historical significance. The gates, such as the Jaffa Gate or the Damascus Gate, would be meticulously designed and incorporated into the set.
Lighting Design- Warm and Golden Tones: Jerusalem is known for its warm, golden sunlight, which bathes the city in a rich glow. I would use warm lighting techniques to recreate this effect on stage, creating a sense of warmth and spirituality.

The revised version of Death and the King’s Horseman is a compelling examination of the easily ignited tension between traditional Palestinian culture and the Israeli army.

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