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May 12, 2023

For this research essay, work to focus your topic on an intriguing question—a question that genuinely arouses your curiosity and cannot be answered easily. ( How does fashion shape gender norms and expectations?)

The essay may be informative or argumentative in focus. Avoid writing an “all about” paper: an essay that tells us all about a given topic but lacks a sharp focus. If I say I’m going to write about Bob Dylan, for example, I’m starting down the ”all about” road. However, if I say I want to explore why Dylan chose to leave folk music behind and go electric, then I’m on to something. Assume that your audience knows very little about your subject, and that you need to bring the issue into focus for them by providing sufficient background.

–Your paper must use a minimum of four outside sources, at least two of which be must authored, peer-reviewed, scholarly articles or books.

–You should use your sources in a substantial way, not just briefly refer to a quote or an idea here or there. Work to create a complex, compelling conversation of ideas. A strong research paper shows a sense of engagement: a sense that the writer has taken in and fully considered different ideas to arrive at his/her/their own view on the topic.

–Your essay must use the MLA method of in-text citation, including a Works Cited page.

— The minimum length is five (5) full, double-spaced pages (not counting the Works Cited page).


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