Discuss the various minerals that are absorbed by the organ.

Assignment Content
This week, you will continue adding to and finalizing the illustration or graphic of your selected digestive organ from Weeks 14 by addressing the role of minerals and water on your selected digestive organ.

Add images and details to your illustration that show the role of minerals and water in your selected digestive organ. For resources about working with graphics and illustrations in Microsoft Word, access the Microsoft Office 365 Training Center located in the Center for Writing Excellence link provided in this assignments resources section.

Address the following items either in a separate document or through detailed labels on your graphic or illustration:
o Discuss the various minerals that are absorbed by the organ.
o Describe the importance of water to the organ.
o Identify the impact of overconsumption of either minerals or water on the organ.
o Discuss the consequences for the selected organ if there are deficiencies in either water or various minerals.
o Considering the content of the entire course, summarize the most important considerations for the selected organs wellness.

Ensure your combined explanations from this assignment and your previous weeks assignments total 1,0501,400 words.

Cite sources to support your assignment.

Format your citations according to APA guidelines.

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