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May 11, 2023
1 title slide: Title of your paper and your name
1 question slide: Research question that you seek to answer
1 hypothesis slide: Your hypothesis — remember to use the hypothesis template (In comparing ___, those ___ are more/less likely to ___ than those ___.)
1-3 data slides: dataset(s) and variables you use to test your hypothesis; descriptive statistics of your variables, such as variable type, range of values, visualization of the variables (bar plot, histogram, scatter plot etc).
1 or more results slide: Regression table(s).
1 conclusion slide: What you find.
You should include at least one plot in either the data sides or results slides.


Notes from Professor about the initial submission that needs to be corrected: “Good Hypothesis and slides. However, the presentation and your final paper should be your own research analysis. You are required to use one of the four datasets in the PoliSci package, find appropriate variables, and test your hypothesis using regression analysis. Since you are investigating individual voting behavior, you should check the “NES” dataset. Reviewing the 2 most recent lab notes for example codes to complete the analysis.


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