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Apr 28, 2023
TOPIC- The Effects of Sleep Problems.


MY HYPOTHESIS- I hypothesize that there is a connection between the two variables ( age and sex) that plays a vital role in the impact of their overall health.


This section details the study’s participants, the materials used in the study, and the procedure the participants followed in the study. You should include enough details so that another person could replicate your study precisely, without consulting you. Requirements for this paper are:
This paper must be at least 2 pages long (excluding the reference list).
Clearly describe what variable(s) were measured in the dataset you will be using and how the variables were measured.
Write the paper and your hypothesis in the past tense to avoid verb tense revisions in your final paper.
The paper must include the following sections and headers:
Research Questions and Hypotheses: Outline your research questions and hypotheses.

Participants: Describe who the study participants were (e.g., freshmen, people who are alone, employees) and any benefits and/or risks to them. Indicate the sample size (**I have added the sample sizes to the description of databases document). You might need to review the dataset associated with the dataset to determine this.

Materials and Measures: Consider what materials the researchers who collected the data for the dataset used (e.g., written instructions, surveys, etc.). Remember the materials and methods have already been established; you simply need to describe the tasks, questionnaires, or procedures that the researchers used.
Describe the specific materials and provide relevant descriptions (e.g., a 25-item survey with a 7-point scale ranging from agree to disagree). (**I have added the survey length to the description of databases document).
Describe how the how the researchers operationally defined the variables you are using (e.g., `how were sleep problems defined (e.g., as the number of hours slept each night), how was gender defined (e.g., male, female, other, etc.). You will need to open and review your dataset for this information.
Describe how the researchers collected data (e.g. via survey online, etc.) As part of this section, describe the following using your knowledge of research:
Control and Validity: Describe any threats to validity (remember all studies have threats to validity, including yours).
Ethics: Describe how ethical standards were addressed. At a bare minimum there was an informed consent form given to all the research participants. Discuss what you see as the risks and benefits of the study (it is okay to use your personal opinion here).

References: If relevant, list any references used in the paper in APA style.
Write the method section in the past tense (e.g., the study was conducted using a survey).
Provide enough detail that another researcher could replicate the study, but focus on brevity. Avoid unnecessary detail that is irrelevant.
Remember to use proper APA format.
As always, proofread your paper for typos, grammar problems and spelling errors. Read through each section of your paper for agreement with other sections. If you mention steps and procedures in the method section, these elements should also be present in the results and discussion sections (which you will write later).


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