Discuss your philosophy of the counseling relationship.

The purpose of this assignment is so that you self-examine your initial beliefs of your role as a counselor and start to understand how your values may impact the counselor experience.

You will be asked to write a 2-3 page reflection paper (this is about you, so it is ok to write in first person) that summarizes and defines your role as a counselor as you currently see it. Your task is to self-evaluate your present thoughts, ideas, values, biases, guiding principles, counseling style, and/or understanding of the counseling relationship. APA formatting is required.

The format of the paper should be as follows:

A. Introduction. Why is understanding one’s platform important.

B. Discuss your philosophy of the counseling relationship.

C. How did the above (A and B) influence your counseling session.

Students are assigned to a person in the class to complete their counseling session. The counseling session must be 10 minutes and demonstrates the elements of the listening cycle as discussed by Young (2014). You are to attend to your personal awareness, the client’s reactions, microskills, theory, and cultural considerations, which will show your intentionality in the session.

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