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May 13, 2023

Discussion 1 on Aimé Césaire’s Notebook of a Return to the Native Land and Fernando Ortiz’s “The Human Factors of Cubanidad”/Cuban CounterpointRead the Following Carefully: You must write 300 words for each of the authors. Meaning there needs to be two discussion responses. One on Aimé Césaire and one on Fernando Ortiz.*To avoid surface-level synopsis and to practice a close reading of the texts, you should develop your own response and interpretation by focusing on topics and ideas that help guide your analysis.*Make sure the title of your post reflects the aspect of the text you are analyzing, just so it makes it easier for your peers to look up when they respond to you by Saturday.*Divide your post into at least THREE paragraphs. Be sure that you support your interpretation of each of the texts using textual evidence from the readings.*You MUST cite the text. To cite the texts put the last name of the author and the page number in parenthesis—i.e. (Césaire 22).For engaging Notebook of a Return to the Native Land:The following are some topics on Notebook of a Return to the Native Land that you may draw from in your response, but you can also articulate your own topic.How does the poem narrate and dramatize a process of transformation that allows the poetic subject to be connected to a new Caribbean collectivity?What attitudes and conceptions of his own identity have to be interrogated and critiqued in order to affirm his identity anew?How is his articulation of poetic discourse important as a decolonizing practice?How does he go about transforming his dejected, negative homeland into something beautiful and worth celebrating?How do we explain the cosmic and religious imagery used by Césaire throughout the text?What do you make of the genre of the poem? Do you see it as an interior monologue? As a Caribbean intellectual’s poetic diary? What is the significance of the word “notebook” (cahier) to the kind of poem this is?For engaging “The Human Factors of Cubanidad” and “On the Social Phenomenon of ‘Transculturation’ and Its Importance in Cuba”:The following are some topics and questions related to Ortiz’s lecture “The Human Factors of Cubanidad” (1939) and the section “On the Social Phenomenon of ‘Transculturation’ and Its Importance in Cuba” from Cuban Counterpoint (1940). You may draw from these prompts in your response, but you can also articulate your own topic/ideas.Ortiz’s lecture on Cuban culture was delivered the same year Césaire’s Notebook of a Return to the Native Land was published. Do you think Césaire and Ortiz share a common transcultural vision of Caribbean identity?Fernando Ortiz was a Cuban anthropologist who coined the concept of “transculturation” to oppose the dominant idea of “acculturation”. Why is “transculturation” a necessary concept for Ortiz? What metaphors does Ortiz use in his lecture to develop a conception of Cuban culture as transcultural?How is black cultural identity important and emblematic in Ortiz’s descriiption of Cuban culture?Ortiz at the end of his lecture says to students that “your life depends on” finishing the research, experience, judgment and practice of Cubanidad. Based on the historical narrative and conception of Cuban culture Ortiz develops, how would you describe being Cuban for Ortiz?

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