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May 10, 2023
    • Topic:- To ascertain whether a liberal trade policy tends to promote growth in regional blocs (EAC & SADC) : A case study on Tanzanian Businesses.

      Background Information to Position the Proposed Research within the Context of the Current Knowledge in the Field

      Liberal policies of trade refers to those policies that in turn helps a nation to lessen down their tariff related expenditures by together diminishing any other trade related barriers, etc. As a result to which, these policies are mostly in coincidence to many other countries operating with similar legislative clauses (Kedir, 2016). However, these policies namely the liberal international trade policies are evident to promote traders to commercialise outside the globe by encouraging them to take part in the international measures of trade that in turn raises the economic growth of a country. The current study has highlighted the liberal international trade polices of Tanzania in order to verify its applicability in encouraging growth in regional blocs namely EAC & SADC. This is basically to find out the actual motive of the aforementioned policies by checking its effectiveness in increasing the economic competitiveness of Tanzania. For this, it has also referred to undertake a specialised study to measure the effectiveness of the applied trade policies in Tanzanian businesses.

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