Do a search in the ATLA Database for peer-reviewed journal articles on theological method.

Your assignment this week is to do your own search for articles on theological method using EBSCO to search the ATLA Religion Database and identify the thesis for each. Specifically, you need to:

Use the ATLA Religion Database to find the article by Edward Loane titled, An Evangelically Flawed Theological Method: A Response to Robin Parrys The Evangelical Universalist. For that article, cite the article in proper SBL bibliographic form, and identify the authors thesis. Note that the thesis is the authors main claim, the idea he wants to convince his readers to accept. It is not his purpose in writing, not the question that prompted his research, and not the way he hopes his readers will respond. These are interesting, but an academic article stands or falls on whether the article establishes solid evidence and reasoning in support of the authors thesis.
Do a search in the ATLA Database for peer-reviewed journal articles on theological method. Note: Book reviews are not peer reviewed articles, so do not include them in your search, and do not choose a book review for the next part of the assignment.

Choose two articles that:

Relate to a theological method that honors Scripture as authoritative revelation (though the author doesnt necessarily have to hold to inerrancy)

Is broadly relevant to evangelicals seeking to do theology (i.e., not Roman Catholic or Orthodox or theologically liberal).

Other than that, feel free to choose articles that relate to contemporary concerns, historical theologians, global or multi-cultural perspectives, etc.

For each of your articles, give the citation in proper SBL bibliographic form, and then identify the authors thesis as above.

(It should go without saying, but Ill say it anywaydont choose the article I provided for you in the first part of the assignment as one of the articles for this part of the assignment.)

Submit your work as a Word or PDF document with your name and the course number at the top, in proper form for a class paper.

Remember I am a christian so write as if you are a christian thanks

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