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May 10, 2023

Final (35%) Paper on DC between the years 1950 and 1975 (7-10 pages)
An opportunity to explore the conditions of residents living in Washington DC during the second industrial
revolution, involving matters of race, gender, familial constructs, and class, during times of great economic
growth and population growth, applying concepts and methods learned in class. This assignment will involve a
class tour, (including taking some photos) around Southwest D.C. and Reno Park (neighborhoods razed.) A
rubric will be posted on Canvas.


Students will work on this project throughout the course of the semester. Students will keep and submit a
‘journal’ of their work progress. In the journal you will record your research process. We will regularly set aside
class time for students to work on their projects. DC is a city that has undergone enormous change in the last 20
years. You will be expected to compare and contrast the mechanisms of growth and change, and their cultural
impacts, between DC in the Second Industrial Revolution and modern DC, in the age of globalism. Do some
research on the Second Industrial Revolution and Globalism, outline any conflicts, and note the way that the
workforce, communities, and race, class, and gender, is being talked about. Draw on the class reading, as well as
documents from local sources, to analyze what you have found. What do you conclude? Compile all of this into
a 5-to-7-minute oral presentation and 7–10-page essay

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