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Apr 26, 2023

I’m working on a management case study and need an explanation and answer to help me learn.


Faisal and Faris founded GOALZ, a sporting goods and equipment store and manufacturer, 10 years ago. Faisal and Faris had always been sports enthusiasts. As stellar athletes through high school and college, these twin brothers knew they wanted to open a business that catered to the leisure sporting industry.
Shortly after graduating from college, they presented to a bank the business plan they had developed as part of their small-business entrepreneurial course. They were given a loan, and with SAR 15,000 they had saved between them, they started the company. Initially, they were the only two employees.
Within the first six months of business, Faisal and Faris added three employees to help deal with a new contract they had just won. By the end of their first year, the company had more than SAR 300,000 in revenues and six employees.
Faisal and Faris were pleased with their initial success, but they anticipated more competitors and knew they had to diversify their product lines. As they did, it became apparent that they needed to add a couple of locations to better serve their growing customer base, as well as hire more people to meet customer demand.
They now have 125 employees, 3 suburban branches, and annual revenues approaching SAR 10 million. Overlooking their LAGOON, where employees try out new water gear (kayaks, swim fins, wet suits, racing suits, goggles), Faris says to Faisal, “Maybe we are getting too old for this. I got the prototype for the new soccer gear, and the labeling looks funny to me.” Faisal scratches his head. “I do not know Lots of things going on around here that I don’t understand.
Kareem asked me if we could make a corner of the lunchroom into a babysitting place. Said we’d be work/life friendly. We’ve always been that, right?” They head outside to the GREEN, their golf supply area, and pass a few people who smile and nod. Faisal comments, “I don’t even know everyone who works here anymore. Amna in personnel asked me about an insurance file claim on Jood from her optometrist. I don’t even know who Jood is or why we have vision insurance. Amna talked about ‘human resources issues.”
Faris offers, “Last week I played racquetball with Asad.” Faisal frowns and Faris goes on, “Sure, you know Asad. He runs that football club in Abha. He was bragging about their strategic new human resources manager.”
Faisal picks up the new goggles and says, TRY THIS OUT. “This golf club is a strategic advantage. What is a strategic human resource?”
Assignment Questions:
Q1. Is GOALZ affected by globalization? If so, how?
Q2. What other major workforce issues are evident in this case?
Q3. Do you believe that GOALZ needs a human resource professional? Explain your answer to Faisal and Faris
Q4. What are the challenges of Strategic Human Resource Management?

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