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May 27, 2023

Discussion Questions Chapter 2
Explain why students of therapeutic recreation should understand the history of their profession.
In regard to medical spas, thermal baths, and rest cures, explain why medical authority was needed to justify a leisure experience. Likewise, explain why the world-renowned Mayo Clinic, historically and in the contemporary era, provides a plethora of leisure experiences. To this end, state whether you agree or disagree with the following statement: A distinct feature of therapeutic recreation is its clear and direct association with recreation and leisure. Support your answer.
Discussions 2 questions continued
Explain why the utopian years of therapeutic recreation occurred from 1966 through 1984?
In your opinion, after the NTRS membership turned to a democratic method to identify its philosophical position, was it ethical for therapy-oriented therapeutic recreation specialists to break off and develop ATRA? Further, has the creation of ATRA helped or harmed the profession of therapeutic recreation?
Discussions 2 questions continued
In your interpretation of the history of therapeutic recreation, who is Victor Frankenstein, and who is the monster? To this end, do you agree or disagree that the quest for grand achievement in therapeutic recreation has become the undoing of the profession?
Do you believe therapeutic recreation can become a global profession and find homes in other countries, such as Canada and South Africa, or European countries? Explain your answer.

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