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May 09, 2023
  1. Do you like to go to the zoo? Would you take comfort in knowing that animals are safe and protected? Because that is what a modern zoo does. They provide protection, safety, rescue, breeding, and rehabilitation programs for all animals. They are not just another tourist attraction.

    A zoo offers a personal experience with some of the rarest species in the world. Most people would never have the opportunity to see these animals otherwise. Education about wildlife and habitat conservation is important.

    Caging animals to entertain people is unacceptable, however, this is what makes a modern zoo different.

    Most modern zoos are a part of the AZA ( Association of Zoos and Aquariums) and it has changed the way they operate. They no longer have cramped cages. They have included activities for the animals to help with boredom and stress and have concentrated on recreating their natural habitats.

    This is why schools take the students to the zoo for excursions. Children become excited when they walk into a zoo. Seeing the animals make them ask questions, which encourages kids to get more involved. This leads to curiosity and brain development.

    “I believe that education is all about being excited about something. Seeing passion and enthusiasm helps push an educational message” Steve Irwin ( Irwin, 2010)

    Zoos explain to people the needs and requirements of animals, mammals, or even sea life. This is done by putting up signs describing specific information about the animals.

    Tours are also held to show people behind the scenes or give them more information about the different animals.

    People visit zoos to see the educational shows that the zoos put on. This provides entertainment and experience. The educational presentations are also used for feeding times and interactive play for the animals. As an example, SeaWorld has a ray reef which is an interactive presentation, penguin feeding, seal guardians, and the dolphin show which are all educational and provide a laugh for the families.

    I have friends who come to the Australia Zoo, and it’s just, instead of playing video games, we get to hug and kiss a giraffe or walk a tiger. Bindi Irwin (Irwin, 2020)

    A zoo protects the animals while under their care. In modern zoos, some animals or bird life have the freedom to roam the park while being in a controlled area. These animals could include a peacock and or a wombat.

    The zoo provides a safe environment for all kinds of animals, giving them the right food and environments for them to be happy. The zoologist needs to watch out for Zoochosis which is a mental illness. This is a big problem in caged animals. A modern zoo knows how to treat it. They give them toys as distractions or they change the layout of the cage to make it exciting, but medication can also be given. A modern zoo provides the care animals need. (, 2020)

    The layout of the zoo and the enclosure design is extremely important when thinking about the well-being of the animals. The zoo will make changes to the design if a problem occurs for example; In Japan, the Keikyu Aburatsubo Marine Park designed an above-ground, underwater round-a-bout for the otters. It was made so that when the otters leave their home to go into a larger enclosure, they wouldn’t run into each other in the pipe. The invention was to stop them from getting stuck and then drowning. (, 2020)

    Zoos across the world are helping keep endangered species safe from extinction both in captivity and in the wild, for example, The Hawaiian crow was one of 31 animals on the ‘Extinct in the Wild’ list that is currently being bred in captivity. (, 2020)

    Association of Zoos and Aquariums (AZA) is a non-profit organization dedicated to the advancement of zoos and aquariums in the areas of conservation, education, science, and recreation. Zoos also have captive breeding and reintroduction programs. (, 2020)

    ‘People forget the good that zoos do. If it weren’t for zoos, we would have so many species that would be extinct today.’ betty white (, 2020)

    Zoos…are safe happy places for animals that provide education. This is else why schools take the students to the zoo for excursions. A zoo protects the animals while under their care.

    Zoos across the world are helping keep endangered species safe from extinction both in captivity and in the wild. A zoo provides happiness for everyone. Because of the good that they do, if there weren’t any, a lot more animals would suffer the consequences.

    ‘The more you know about a species, the more you understand about how better to help protect them.’ Alan Clark (, 2020)

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