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May 13, 2023
Visit Appraising the Electoral College (opens in new window) You may also use your book as a resource.
Answer the questions from Appraising the Electoral College (also listed below) based on your exploration of the resources on the website above. This paper should demonstrate that you reviewed all of the resources. There is no minimum/maximum word length for this assignment, but each response to the questions should be at minimum 2-3 sentences.
Questions which much be answered for full credit (copied from the Bill of Rights Institute):
Is the Electoral College a good way of ensuring each voter is represented equally? If not, do you think it is important that each vote person’s vote count equally?
Why did the Framers create the Electoral College? What were the historical arguments behind their decision?
What is the difference between a democracy and a republic? Why did the Founders dislike democratic systems? Why did they believe republican forms of government were superior?
Do you think the Electoral College has functioned the way it was intended? Is the U.S. political system more democratic or republican in nature in the present day?
When has the Electoral College elected a president who did not win the popular vote? Do you believe that this possibility must be resolved, or is the system working as intended?
What are some of the common criticisms of the Electoral College? What are the common arguments in defense of the Electoral College? Which do you believe are more persuasive and why?
Do you think the Electoral College still functions well in the present day? Why or why not?
Should the Electoral College be preserved or replaced? If you think it should be replaced, what do you believe should replace it?

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