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May 23, 2023

Paper topic: Does Canada need policies to protect and grow Canadian cultural institutions like popular
music, television (including streaming, and movies? In your answer, you should consider the
potential impact of the influence of culture from other nations.
“guidelines for written work”
write an 7 – 8 page on one of the topics of their choosing, in the style of an argumentative research essay. Please note that these are minimum requirements: papers that are not at least seven full pages in length should not expect a passing grade. The essay should have a clearly presented thesis, from which the argument flows naturally. You are expected to consult no less than five peer-reviewed academic sources not including the assigned readings for this course. The essay mark will be based on the logic of your argument, the clarity of your writing, and the evidence you present to support your thesis.

The first task in your term paper is to lay out a clear thesis and central argument. Your paper will be evaluated on your thesis statement (the clarity and feasibility thereof), the quality of your research and presented evidence, and the quality of your writing. A good paper will have a logical flow to it, and an argument that follows clearly from the central thesis statement. An excellent paper will also link your particular topic / case study to a larger body of theoretical work. You should also read the guidelines for grammar and style in the course outline – part of your grade will be based on your writing style.

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