Does the firm have a clear competitive advantage?

For this, we will continue to analyze Blackberry. Whereas in Part 1, we analyzed Blackberry’s external environment, this time we will be analyzing Blackberry’s internal environment. With sources, there is now a minimum requirement of 10 sources.

Please read the attached PDF CAREFULLY for detailed information. General Instructions: Maximum of 3 pages not including references, tables, graphs. Please do not exceed this. Ability to write concisely is also a skill and part of your grade. Times New Roman, size 12, double spaced. Please no headers aside from your name and ‘Writing Assignment #2: Internal Environment” on the top right corner. Citations using APA formatting. Citations must include a total of at least 10 unique sources, including Blackberry’s 10-K (Annual Report). Please see the information on source quality in the attached PDF. There will be a penalty for using sites that provide free “analysis” for Blackberry and/or other students’ prior assignments. Please submit your own original thoughts. Must submit as Microsoft Word file. Other formats not accepted. See the below link for access to MS Office.

As a strategic management analyst, please analyze the firm’s internal environment. No need for an introduction paragraph, please start straight from the internal analysis. However, please make this essay format with clear paragraphs that flow together. Content:

1) Internal Analysis a.

Part 1: Using the VRIO Framework, analyze the firm’s resources and capabilities. i. Which of the resources and/or capabilities of Blackberry are VRIO?

a. Please clearly explain why this resource or capability is VRIO. You must use concrete examples to support your reasoning. A single resource or capability must fit all 4 elements.

b. Please look at Exhibit 4.6 in the textbook.

c. The firm may lack a single resource or capability that fits all 4 elements. If there is no resources or capabilities that are VRIO, please clearly explain why the resource or capability does not fit all 4 elements. However, if you go down this route, please make sure you have examined all elements exhaustively.

b. Part2: i. Based on above analysis: 1. Does the firm have a clear competitive advantage?

Why or why not?

2. Considering the current state of events,

Does the firm need to modify its short-term competitive positions to build longer-term competitive advantage?

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