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Jun 05, 2023
Company name (The
Coca-Cola Company), company function (product or service) (beverage
company), leader name (James
Quincey) , title (president
and chief executive officer (CEO)), etc.
A description of the chosen leader’s leadership style.
A summary of the primary role and responsibilities of the leader within the company.
A description of the functions of planning, organizing, commanding, staffing, and controlling in leadership.
An analysis that explains whether the chosen leader does or does not aspire to be a leader within the chosen company. Provide supporting detail as to why or why not.
You should also address the following questions in the assignment:
Does the leadership practice place emphasis on requesting input from subordinates and/or peers prior to making major decisions?
What does a leader consider the most important part of his/her job and why? What is the most challenging part of the job and why?
How does the leadership style encourage innovation? If innovation is not encouraged, what is the reason behind it?
How does a company leader communicate with and provide feedback to his/her subordinates? Does the leadership style consider communication and feedback as important and why?
What steps does the leaders of the company take to prevent harassment in the workplace and what steps do they take if a harassment complaint is brought to the company’s attention?
You may also include other supporting ideas, research, or answers to related questions.

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