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Jun 02, 2023
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Discourse #4


The paradigm for developing policy heavily relies on nurses. Mason, Gardner, Outlaw, and O’Grady (2016) write that “the knowledge and expertise of nurses regarding health and health care are critical to the political process and the development of health policy.” Despite their excellent skills, nurses frequently avoid participating in politics. Nurses are fantastic at analyzing circumstances and are skilled at working with individuals. In addition, nurses are skilled at problem-solving when interacting with the patients they are caring for as well as working well with other people and professions. It’s possible for nurses to change politics. Additionally, nurses who become politically active need to be aware of which branch of government is in charge of a certain plan at any given time.Nurses, who provide direct care, are crucial in ensuring that service beneficiaries are considered stakeholders, particularly when bringing issues to the attention of elected officials. The discussion at the conference I attended was on the effect COVID-19 has had on young people’s mental health. Some of these children are committing themselves because they are so depressed and cut off from their peers, classmates, and families. A nurse might bring up a number of issues at this discussion, such as: What kind of environment are these children and adolescents living in? Are they being watched over by an adult? Even if they are unable to go outside, what type of schedule do they have? Does their home provide them with a healthy diet? What kind of domestic support system do they have. Keeping in mind that these children are not on vacation, the only way to prevent the virus from spreading is by keeping them at home.


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