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Oct 27, 2021

Myassignment is to submit a rough draft about a medical ethics issue. For my topic I have chosen Physician Assisted Suicide,I will attach theoutline I turned in, which that is what you will be using.

The paper isfor you torevise, as well as addan additional page. BelowI will attach the rubric as well as my outline.

This is to be done APA style,Pence, G. E. (2017). Medical ethics: Accounts of ground-breaking cases. New York, NY: McGraw Hill EducationMUST BE USED AS A REFERENCE, as well as another credible source.

These were my professors notes therefore please adjust the paper accordingly:

It seems that your main topic is a discussion of Physician-Assisted Suicide. You do not need to include as much information about active and passive euthanasia. You might make a brief statement initially about how PAS is different from active and passive euthanasia. But then focus on the topic of PAS.

Please remember to identify and discuss the relevant ethical theories andbioethicalprinciples for the pro and the con arguments for PAS.

Include the U.S. SupremeCourtruling that determined if PAS is a constitutionally protected right across thew U.S and also identified what level of government has the authority to determine if PAS is legal or illegal.

This is a different SupremeCourtruling from the one that determined that the right to discontinue or refuse treatment (passive euthanasia) is a constitutionally protected right acrossall states in the U.S., so be sure to differentiate these two cases and the rulings.

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