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May 23, 2023

Reflective Discussion

Welcome to Lesson 5! In 1861 and 1862, Americans grappled with their expectations for the Civil War crashing against the realities of military life, combat, and the aftermath of battle. In particular, hundreds of thousands of soldiers and nurses – almost all of them unfamiliar with war – trained for new roles, fought in or witnessed battles, and cared for wounded and dying men. Their letters and diaries provide emotional accounts of these incidents. In this discussion, I want us to think about how they responded to these experiences in this first year of the war and how you responded to reading their stories.
Initial Post (Reflection)
In your first post, answer this question: How did you respond to the soldiers’ and nurses’ accounts of their experiences in the military, on the battlefield, and/or in hospitals?
Consider how you felt as you read about the boredom of drilling, the exhilaration and chaos of battle, and the horrors that littered the battlefields and hospitals after the fighting stopped.
Be sure to use evidence from the lesson or readings to help explain your reaction.

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