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Apr 03, 2023
  1. Instructions to students: All questions are compulsory.

    All questions have the same amount of marks.

    TASK: EC3020 Health Economics Assignment

    Question 1.

    Choose the TRUE answer:

    The theory of rational addiction (Becker and Murphy, 1980) has been criticized for ignoring:

    a)that individual time preferences are constant

    b)that tolerance is a characteristic that only develops after long term use (above ten years) of drugs

    c)that individual time preferences may change over an individual’s lifetime

    d)none of the above.

    Question 2.

    In the contest of the Grossman model, as people age their optimal health stock

    ________ because _________.

    a)increases; people are ill more often.

    b)increases; people are using more care.

    c)decreases; cost of capital increases, and remaining life span decreases.

    d)decreases; cost of capital decreases, and remaining life span increases.

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