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Assignment Task

Reflection 1: Infographic

Create a poster or infographic for parents and/or educators that highlights the importance of observation and pedagogical documentation. Use your own words and ensure proper citation where necessary. Follow these guidelines:

  1. Explain the significance of observation in responding to children`s natural curiosity and inquiry.

  2. Describe the importance of pedagogical documentation and provide examples of what it may look like.

  3. Include practical tips and strategies for effective observation and pedagogical documentation.

Utilize computer/internet programs like,, or to assist with this task. Submit your assignment as a PDF document to the submissions folder. Avoid "cutting and pasting" content to maintain academic integrity.

Reflection 2: Infographic

  1. Watch the videos "Connecting vs Directing Behavior" and "How Brains Are Built With Our Support."

  2. Familiarize yourself with infographic components as you prepare to create one reflecting on responsive care.

  3. Review provided infographic examples.

  4. Create your own infographic following the reflection guidelines.

  5. Be mindful of due dates.

Additional Instructions:

  • One-page poster `Infographic`
  • Include an attempt at a reference page attached to your poster.
  • Ensure original creative work for maximum marks.

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